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This is the experience of a group of urban young people surviving in on of the hardest deserts ever. These men and women-addicted to the new technologies- will live in the Mojave desert for 3 weeks, crossing it trough the mythical Route 66 and discovering another way of life, unplugged from the global world. The Mojave Desert is 124,000 km2 of rough nature filled with mysteries and legends, a place where the human essence is pure and silence surrounds you day and night. How this young people could handle it, being away form their usual commodities and luxuries? Would they be able t olive without Iphones, Ipads, Gps, Facebooks and Twitters? How it will be to discover another community, the Navajos, with their supernatural legends and sacred places?

This is a different and unique Docu–Reality filled with astonishing images, adventure and mysteries for the brave ones. “Sometimes men forget their origin, but nature doesn’t” Pablo Coelho

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