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Some of the greatest Hollywood stars from the 50' and 60' were born and lived thier childhood in small towns all over America. What it meant for a small town kid to become a star? How they did it? How was their journey to Hollywood, from farms and hard working class families backgrounds?

We’ll be filming the American small towns where the greatest Hollywood golden age stars were born and lived.

“Hollywood Small Town” is a documentary series that deepens into Hollywood golden age heart and soul, with touching and revealing stories never told before.  What’s left of those fabulous stars in their small towns? What’s their legacy? How were they back then?

This production escapes from old biography TV formats and becomes a much more alive, dynamic and entertaining production. A small crew with a host will stop in every and each of the selected towns to take a look to their streets, to look for the stars old homes, family business, streets named after them, old friends and family, museums and even actual festivals dedicated to them! It’s a dream come true for the lovers of classic movies, the 50’s old Hollywood glamour and fantasy.


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