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Nelson Montero, based on the original novel “Volver a Morir” by ROSANA UBANELL is the first private detective with Latino heritage ever to lead a TV series in English and Spanish. Montero is a daring, funny, and street-wise – but somewhat scruffy – private investigator. His look is far removed from the usual detectives seen in similar TV series in this genre, but he captivates the audience with his peculiar charm. One of his great abilities is that he can imitate any Latin American accent, apart from speaking unorthodox English, despite being his first language.
The story location is set in Miami, but his cases will take Nelson to different locations all over America, Puerto Rico, México, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain, etc. Solving crime and delinquency are his favorite occupations and he goes wherever he is needed. Humor is a must in every episode –despite the seriousness of the cases he is working on- and tropical background music will fill the series and the warm nights of Miami
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